Scoring service

Automatic sleep scoring service

ZLab, the sleep study management software by Hypnodyne, is now available for beta testers (please apply for access). With ZLab you can autoscore ZMax files for a very reasonable fee.

Manual sleep scoring service

In addition to autoscoring, Hypnodyne offers manual sleep scoring of ZMax data by qualified sleep technologists who are experienced with the precise montage and sensors used by ZMax. We can score even just one recording. Please e-mail us with your target quantity/study size for a quotation.

Our professional scorers

Stevie Williams

Stevie has been a sleep technologist since 2007, and held the RSPGT qualification, certified by the Board of Registered Polysomnologists, since 2013, certification number 19313. In 2010 became Sleep Services Manager of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, where he oversaw and performed polysomnography clincially, and for various university departments, medico-legal cases, tech start ups, media producers, pharmaceutical companies and also in prisons. From 2013 he worked as a researcher in the Sleep Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh and presented research posters at The British Sleep Society bi-annual conferences. During this time, he also worked on multi-centre clinical trials at the neurology department of the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, and was a co-author in papers published in the journals "Neurology", "Neuro-Oncology" and "Epilepsy and Behaviour". He has taught on the renowned Edinburgh Sleep and Polysomnology courses, training international groups of healthcare and medical professionals on how to set up and analyse home and in-lab sleep studies, since 2013. In 2016 he stated working at the London Sleep Centre, and currently leads the sleep physiology diagnostic team, covering set-up and analysis of sleep studies, and issuing equipment including CPAP and actigraphy. His technological expertise includes all major brands of CPAP masks and machines, as well as many brands of polysomnography software. He is member of The British Sleep Society (BSS) and The European Society of Sleep Technologists (ESST).