Sample data files

ZMax data + autoscoring results

This is the most comprehensive ZMax data archive. It includes:

  • all EDF files acquired by ZMax with the external nasal sensor.
  • the results of autoscoring, i.e. the hypnogram and all extracted features.
  • real time REM detection result markers (REM.mrk)
  • some real time sleep apnea detection result markers (mymarkers*.mrk) - these were obtained with the ApneaDetector.js script
  • this archive only has ZMax data. Scroll to the next section if you want to download concurrent PSG data for comparison.

After extracting, use HDScorer to open the files (available in the downloads section).

 Download EDF and feature files (46 MB)

(Do you need an EDF file viewer or MATLAB EDF import functions?)


Download this archive if you want to compare ZMax data with data from a gold standard PSG system. This archive contains two folders. The folder "Gold standard PSG files" contains a single multi-record EDF file acquired with a Vitaport PSG system. The folder "Hypnodyne files" contains the ZMax raw data EDF files obtained in "memory card storage" mode. The ZMax EDF files are listed below.

EEG L.edfEEG left channel (Fp7-FPz)
EEG R.edfEEG right channel (Fp8-FPz)
dX.edfAccelerometer X axis
dY.edfAccelerometer Y axis
dZ.edfAccelerometer Z axis
BATT.edfBattery voltage
BODY TEMP.edfSkin temperature at forehead
LIGHT.edfRoom illumination (unit-less)
NOISE.edfNoise magnitude (unit-less)
OXY_IR_AC.edfForehead PPG
OXY_IR_AC_PARSED.edfForehead PPG after processing and filtering
HR.edfHeart rate (computed from PPG signal)

This archive does not include the following files:

NASAL L.edfLeft nostril respiration (nasal sensor only)
NASAL R.edfRight nostril respiration (nasal sensor only)
OXY_DARK_AC.edfOximetry dark AC component (nasal sensor only)
OXY_IR_DC.edfOximetry IR DC component (nasal sensor only)
OXY_R_AC.edfOximetry red AC component (nasal sensor only)
OXY_R_DC.edfOximetry red DC component (nasal sensor only)
ROOM C.edfRoom temperature (wireless recording mode only)
RSSI.edfRadio signal strength (wireless recording mode only)

 Download EDF files (95 MB) Compare without downloading

(Do you need an EDF file viewer or MATLAB EDF import functions?)

Nasal sensor files

This is a sample of the 'additional' EDF files made available by ZMax when the external Nasal/SpO2 sensor is connected:

NASAL L.edfLeft nostril airflow
NASAL R.edfRight nostril airflow
OXY_DARK_AC.edfOximetry dark AC component
OXY_IR_AC.edfOximetry IR AC component
OXY_IR_DC.edfOximetry IR DC component
OXY_R_AC.edfOximetry red AC component
OXY_R_DC.edfOximetry red DC component

The SpO2 envelope is generated by HDScorer from the various OXY*.edf files.

 Download EDF files (26 MB) or View a screenshot