How to wear ZMax


These are instructions for first-time ZMax users who wish to acquire good data as soon as possible.


1- position ZMax on a flat portion of your forehead, towards your eyebrows
2- the lower central electrode should not 'stick out' (if this conflicts with #1, you can cut off a part of it)
3- the headband must cover the lateral sensing areas
4- the headband must not be too loose.
5- the headband must be tightened at the back of the head just below the inion bone (not completely parallel to the ground but tilted downwards at an angle)
6- there must be no hair underneath the lateral sensing areas (use female/children size electrode, and you can cut out a portion of the lateral sensing areas)
7- make sure the metallic snaps are inserted properly. You should hear 4 clicks, and no clicks when wearing the device.
8- push on the headband, sensing surfaces and device after wearing, make sure the headband is sufficiently tight to withstand night-time movements.

To begin recording on the memory card:

- switch on the device using the white button. The lower LEDs will begin fading in and out slowly, repeatedly, in the blue color.
- push the middle black button on the top. You will hear a confirmation sound and the light fading will cease.