Sample data files

Please see the Sample data files section to download sample ZMax EDF files.

Software suite

Windows only, includes the following files:

QuickStart.exeQuick start tool (opens server and recorder)
HDFormat.exeMemory card formatting tool
HDRecorder.exeZMax signal acquisition tool
HDScorer.exeScoring software
PPGParser.exePPG signal and heart rate processor
HDServer.exeZMax command line server
HDServiceGUI.exeGraphical user interface for the server

 Download latest version (49 MB, upload timestamp 2022-08-11 15:33:38)

Windows Help File (CHM)

*If you see no text appearing when you open the help file, close it, then right
click on the help file, and at the bottom right corner click 'Unblock'.

 Download CHM format help file

MATLAB sample code

 Download HDConnect.m

BrainBay sample code

 Download hypnodyne.con

Android App

This is an Android version of the HDServer. The full download url is:

* you may need to enable "Unknown Sources" under Settings -> Security before you can install the application package.

* If you encounter any problems with the Android app please let us know, development usually lags behind the PC version.

 Download Android app

Dream Logger

What is dream logger?

 Download Dream Logger